What data does this survey gather?

Naturally, you're curious as to what data this survey gathers. When you start, you'll be asked two optional questions: Your occupation, and if you have any eyesight conditions. You do not have to answer either question! After that, a session cookie will be created. This cookie helps us track and group your responses in our database.

From there, your responses will be recorded as you rate the quality of up to 25 images. If you have JavaScript turned on, and if your browser supports a number of APIs, performance timings will be captured with your responses. Performance timings tell us how fast images and pages are loading for you, which is a key part of our research. We will also capture your browser's user agent information.

We also use Google Analytics to gather other information about your visit to this site. Stuff that helps us answer questions such as, but not limited to, "how long did this person spend on our site?" and "what geographical location is this person accessing the survey from?" We pledge to you that _we_ will not use this information to market products and services to you, but we obviously can't make any guarantees as to what Google will or will not do with the information it collects.

What will you do with the data you collect?

This survey will run until we've captured what we deem enough data to analyze. Collected data may be used in media including (but not limited to) articles, presentations, videos or books. By taking this survey, you consent to having your responses used in any of the aforementioned media.

OK, I'm in! Thanks, but no thanks!