Please read carefully!

As you proceed, please understand that you are not rating what you think of an image's content. You are rating how its quality looks to you. If you're unfamiliar with the concept of image quality, let's take a quick moment to learn how it applies here. The image below shows what low and high quality images could look like:

Image quality spectrum diagram.

This image illustrates the two extremes of quality. The images you will rate will fall somewhere in between. To rate images, you'll use a slider input at the bottom of the screen to tell us what you think of the quality of each image. That slider looks something like this:

The slider input used to rate image quality.

If an image looks worse to you, you'll drag the slider toward the left. If an image sample looks better, you'll drag the slider to toward the right. Once you've settled on a rating, a submit button will appear. Click it to record your rating and proceed to the next sample.

You'll be asked to review 25 images, but if you get bored, simply leave at any time. If you're ready, adjust your display brightness (if necessary) and click the button to begin:

I'm ready!